Hongye Furniture

The Place is a large planning company in UAE, which was established in 2012, mainly helping customers design programs and carry out advertising planning. The company is located in Dubai with a great geographical advantage.

“Hongye’s production capacity and speed are admirable.” said customer.

The Challenger

During the furniture custom project, our team had to solve a number of design challenges. At that time, the client requested that everything should be simple, and the color matching should be comfortable. When it is difficult to find the color and material that customers want for a lounge sofa, we looked for all over the domestic suppliers and it is difficult to find, so we purchased from abroad. Finally , the model was recognized by the customer. Hongye’s production capacity and speed are admirable, customers said.


Direct feedback from workers and faculty in Dubai indicates that they are thriving in the new environment. “I think we all know that space is important on some level,” says Sandy, “but this project in Dubai really reinforced for me, for others across office involved in the project, and workers and faculty using the space just how powerful the working environment is.” The commercial office plans to use insights to develop more workers- and faculty-centered working spaces.