Hongye Furniture


GreenGuard Certified

Our products have been thoroughly tested and officially meet rigorous safety standards that protect you from over 10,000 chemicals known to pollute the office.

Low Chemical Emissions

Made of materials with low chemical emissions.

Cleaner Air

The low chemical emissions help contribute to better indoor air quality.

Rigorously Tested

Meets or exceeds all required emissions standards.

When sourcing furniture for indoor environments, choosing GreenGuard certified products greatly reduces the impact of VOCs on indoor air quality.

Heavy Metals




Fire Retardant Chemicals

GreenGuard certified furniture by Hongye

We are continuously working hard to improve the way we design our furniture, with a sustainability department committed to not only reducing our impact on the environment but to increase the health and wellbeing of those that use our designs. 

Hongye proud to offer more products that are GreenGuard certified, including office furniture, hotel furniture and so on.

We are continually developing our production methods, with the aim of increasing the number of certified products in our offering.