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Designing a Better Learning Experience

It’s time to put human metrics ahead of building metrics.

Learning can also be Fun.

As a leading supplier, Hongye furniture is keen to help create conditions for lifelong learning. Our insight-driven solutions and environments inspire and engage students, faculty, and administrators helping them achieve their full potential.

Creating the Right Educational Furniture for You.

We combine our research-based approach, deep design expertise, and collaborations with industry thought leaders to create solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Improve Your Learning Efficiency

Well-designed educational furniture creates a focused learning environment, reducing distractions and discomfort while improving organization, accessibility.

Improve Your Interest in Learning

Education furniture in classrooms, libraries, and community settings enhances interest in learning by promoting collaboration, interactivity, and technology integration, fostering a vibrant and communal atmosphere for active engagement.

Sitting Comfortably

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair or using an ill-fitted desk during educational activities can make it challenging to sit still. Custom education seating that accommodates your body and provides ample leg space is crucial for optimal learning.

Enrich Your Visual Experience

School furniture for elementary school or higher education incorporating design elements enhances modern aesthetics, such as vibrant colors, ergonomic shapes, and visually appealing materials.

Feel inspired

School furniture creates an specially inviting and aesthetically pleasing learning environment that stimulates your imagination and encourages a positive mindset, fostering a sense of inspiration and motivation.

We will help to make the next generation of workers productive in the classroom and beyond.

Partnerships with Experience

Maximize your benefits with our specialized research-based planning approach, offering a diverse portfolio of products, services, and systems for public and specialized environments.

Create Learning-Based Environments

Our insight-led solutions and settings inspire people to become engaged, active learners within and beyond the classroom. We design for comfort, durability and productivity. This comprehensive approach creates purposeful settings that are suitable for numerous spaces and various users.

Collaborating & Learning Workspace

The ability to learn and develop personal and organizational skills is key to innovation and growth.

Meet Your Education Space Objectives

From classrooms to libraries to dorms and beyond, our furniture solutions improve living and learning across educational environment.

Learning Spaces

Learning space or learning setting refers to a physical setting for a learning environment, a place in which teaching and learning occur. Nowadays, students, teachers and parents have extremely high demands on the learning environment.


The ability to learn and develop personal and organizational skills is key to innovation and growth.

Faculty Spaces

Faculty spaces supply dedicated room for teachers and other educators to collaborate, plan lessons, and engage in professional communication.

Personal Spaces

While paying attention to learning environment health safety, we should also realize the importance of privacy awareness within students. Hongye provides separated space for teachers and students to have homework discussions, psychological communication etc., which can be vital for students’ mental health.

Cafe & Dining

Equipped with flexible equipment systems and special furniture, today’s cafe spaces are versatile and multi-purpose, serving not only coffee and meals but also providing an environment for collaborative work.

Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are essential living spaces for students, and our furniture solutions prioritize comfort, functionality, and personalization. Whether in a commercial or community setting, our dorm room furniture is perfect for students in childcare, school, or college.

Education Project Profiles

From classrooms and libraries to schools and community centers, our innovative solutions have transformed learning spaces into engaging, interactive environments. Discover how our expertise enhances educational experiences.

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