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Hybrid Office Workplace

Designing the Hybrid Office

Hybrid work changes everything and people have new expectations for their workplace. The office must adapt to evolving and fluid work patterns. It’s time to help people do their best work by creating places that work better.

Spaces for social, collaborative, Learning, and personal

Social Spaces

An intentional and flexible mix of shared and individual experiences foster a sense of community and belonging.

Personal Spaces

A range of spaces balancing the needs of “me” and “we” gives people control over their privacy and comfort.

Collaborative Spaces

Flexible settings and mobile tools and technology support in-person and distributed teams of all sizes.

Learning Spaces

High-performing, adaptable spaces deliver integrated learning opportunities for in-person and distributed groups.

Hybrid Office Workplace

The hybrid office workplace combines the flexibility of remote work with the collaborative advantages of a physical office, allowing employees to work both from home and in-person as needed, promoting work-life balance and enhancing teamwork.