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The Sanshui District Library of Foshan City is a district-level public library. The new library is located in Block 2, Sanshui Cultural Center, Hehu South Road, Yundonghai Street, Sanshui District. cultural landmarks. It will meet the diverse, high-quality and personalized cultural needs of citizens, and help activate the service functions of the cultural sector of Sanshui New City. The construction standard design of the new library has a collection of 500,000 books, a total of over 800 reading seats, more than 100 computers for readers, and 100% wireless network coverage. It integrates libraries, archives, cultural centers, science and technology museums and many other venues.

“The decoration of the library has been well received by many students.” said Project Manager.

The Challenge

The overall design of the new library should take “tree” as the main line, combine Sanshui regional culture and artistic elements, and reflect the library’s concept of “Standing upright and cultivating people”. “Trees are deeply rooted and leafy, flowering and fruiting the whole process of growth, into every corner of the new hall, meaning Sanshui people to absorb the nutrients of the book, and continue to achieve rich fruit.”

The Feedback

As the furniture supplier of the project, Hongye Furniture Group has completed the delivery on schedule, with quality and quantity guaranteed. The person in charge of Sanshui New Library has given unanimous praise to Hongye Furniture Group’s products, services and installation.